Professional Development Support

The UCSF Health Administrative Fellowship is sponsored by Sheila Antrum, SVP, COO and coordinated by Rita Ogden, Chief of Staff, Office of SVP/COO and Director, Administrative Fellowship Program. 

Fellows work closely with a number of different leaders who may sponsor or be part of their project work, supervise their interim management roles, or work with the Fellow in another capacity. These leaders often engage in informal mentorship and allow for Fellows to better understand a specific area of interest. Other mentors include past and second year Fellows who continue to support the program where they can. 

Administrative Fellow  

The fellow is expected to function as a professional, which is reflected in the projects and activities performed and in relationship with the organization's administrators and other staff. The fellow is responsible to the Preceptor or Project Executive Sponsor, depending on the project for agreed-upon projects and work duties including:

  • Take initiative in designing or implementing a project 
  • Provide professional quality work 
  • Complete professional assignments related to the placement 
  • Seek guidance when needed 
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of the organization 

Program Director  

The UCSF Health Fellowship director oversees the program and the fellow selection process. The program director will meet with the fellow to explore areas of interest and goals and, knowing the needs of the organization, will work to facilitate discussions between the fellow and senior leaders in order to match you with an appropriate senior-level mentor(s) and/or project assignment for the benefit of all. 

The administrative fellowship director will orient the fellow to the organization and remain an available resource throughout the program. Orientation will include: 

  • Describe the organization and its mission, vision and values 
  • Review relevant organizational policies and procedures 
  • Arrange informational meetings with key personnel in fellows’ area of interest 
  • Meet occasionally with the Fellow to see how things are going and assist, if needed 

Project Preceptor  

Fellows will work with a preceptor during each project and rotation. Preceptors are responsible for guidance and progress:  

  • Formalize role and expectations for project (includes explaining fellow's role to all involved in project, as well as percentage of time, and duration of project)  
  • Define progress  
  • Meet with fellows regularly  
  • Provide timely feedback regarding performance and progress 


Fellows can identify a mentor for their tenure in the program. Mentors may be at the Director, Executive Director, or Chief Officer level, or may be a mix, depending on the specific interests of the fellow. Mentors are fully committed to the administrative fellowship program. They can meet frequently with the fellow to discuss career goals, develop program goals and monitor progress; share management perspectives and experience; identify internal and external sources to work with the fellow; provide feedback and coaching; and work toward a successful, mutually beneficial health management fellowship.